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Learning Support

At Koyani Education, we understand that every student has unique learning needs. Our learning support specialist is a highly trained SENCO and qualified Speech and Language Therapist who offers personalised consultations to help students and families overcome any challenges they may face. From neurodivergence, to learning disabilities to language barriers, Abby has the tools and expertise to support every student on their academic, social and emotional journey.

Girl in Therapy

Expert Support

With her role as SENCO at a prestigious independent school, Abby brings a wealth of experience in supporting students with diverse learning needs. She embraces neurodiversity and specialises in aiding students and their families to manage stress or anxiety and navigate their way through their educational environment. 

Speaking Practice

Clear Communication

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Abby employs a range of techniques to enhance communication skills including speech (the sounds we make), language (the words we use and understand) and social communication. From articulation exercises to language development strategies, her sessions are designed to empower students to express themselves confidently and effectively. 

Blue Waiting Room

Support Now, Wait Less

In a landscape where families often face lengthy waits for specialist doctors and psychologists appointments, Abby offers a timely and cost-effective solution. Her consultations provide invaluable support and practical techniques to navigate challenges while awaiting formal diagnosis, as well as strategies and support once any diagnosis is confirmed or ruled out. With rates starting at £175, her services offer accessible and affordable assistance.

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